Vital mushroom tinder sponge – The treasure on our doorstep

The tinder sponge (Pomes fomcntarius) has been a close companion of us humans since time immemorial. You probably know the saying "that burns like tinder“. But did you know, that the tinder to make a fire from the tree fungus tinder sponge (Pomes fomcntarius) was won?

Perhaps even less known are the uses of the tinder sponge in medicine and nutrition. The tinder fungus has accompanied us in these areas for thousands of years.

The vital mushroom tinder sponge, a fungus that grows on deciduous trees, has been used for skin problems and wounds since ancient times. The father of modern medicine discovered this effect, Hippocrates of Kos, they want that. 2400 Years. Hippocrates used tinder powder or felt-like cloths made from tinder as a wound powder or wound dressing. To the 20. In the 19th century, these so-called tinder flaps were available as wound dressings in pharmacies. This type of use also gave the tinder sponge the synonyms wound sponge or surgeon sponge (Fomes chirurgorum or Fungus chirurgorum) a.

In addition to external use on the skin or on wounds, the tinder sponge was also taken internally. Although the tinder fungus because of its hardness, fibrous structure not considered “more classic” Edible mushroom applies, it has long been used in food and is particularly valued for its beneficial effects on gastrointestinal problems. Is known, for example. use in alcoholic spirits or as a tea infusion. The renowned authors Prof. Jan Lelley (a book: The power of mushrooms) and Jürgen Guthmann (a book: Medicinal mushrooms) describe the use of tinder sponge teas and their use as an alcoholic extract. Alcoholic extracts from the vital mushroom tinder sponge are also available under the name Fomitin described in pharmacopoeias such as the Hagers Handbook of Pharmaceutical Practice.

So what makes the tinder sponge so special??

First of all, the tinder fungus is probably the medicinal mushroom with the longest tradition in Europe. The fungus was very common with us, and the knowledge of this treasure on our doorstep has been passed on from generation to generation. Our ancestors got this precious medicinal mushroom among other things. valued and used for its good health properties.

Using the latest scientific methods to find out the secrets of the tinder fungus.

The latest scientific methods make it possible to fathom the health-relevant ingredients of medicinal mushrooms. We are committed to this goal and call this evidence-based approach – evidence based myco-siences-. Our aim is to understand and prove which valuable ingredients play a role in health effects and, of course, how these effects come into play. The tinder sponge provides a potpourri of health-promoting ingredients. In addition to fungal polysaccharides, especially. so-called. Beta-Glucanen, the tinder sponge supplies minerals and trace elements such as potassium, Iron and selenium, as well as vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2 and ergocalciferol, a precursor to vitamin D..

In addition, the tinder sponge also forms other ingredients, which are also interesting as antioxidants and radical scavengers. These include so-called. Terpenes like fomentariol and pigments.

From our point of view, the most important group of ingredients in the vital mushroom tinder fungus are the beta-glucans, which are typical for mushrooms.

In terms of quantity, the tinder sponge has a very high proportion of mushroom-typical beta-glucans. The tinder sponge, how we process it, has more beta-glucan than comparable medicinal mushroom powders or medicinal mushroom extracts.

And besides the many valuable ingredients, like the typical mushroom 1,3/1,6 Beta-D-Glucan Complexes, is the very best, that we can harvest the vital mushroom tinder fungus directly from us.

In close cooperation with forest owners such as the Bavarian State Forests AöR and the nature conservation authorities, we harvest and process the vital mushroom tinder fungus sustainably and regionally.



This makes the vital mushroom tinder fungus a real treasure on our doorstep!