Tinder sponge PURE

The treasure on our doorstep

The organic tinder sponge PURE medicinal mushroom powder is the ideal addition to a balanced and healthy diet. The pure organic tinder sponge powder is made from whole fruit bodies of the tinder sponge (Pomes fomcntarius) won. The mushroom-typical beta glucans are specially purified and super-finely mixed. The drying is very gentle, to get all the nutrients, To preserve vitamins and trace elements in the best possible way. Organic Tinder Sponge PURE Vital Mushroom Powder is particularly rich in typical mushrooms 1,3/1,6 Beta-D-Glucans. Beta-glucans are among the adaptogens.

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Tinder sponge PURE

The fruit bodies are harvested in cooperation with the Bavarian State Forests in sustainable wild collection in the Franconian Forest. Every single batch is continuously controlled from the harvest to the finished product by the accredited laboratory group AGROLAB GmbH.

100% know where it comes from – 100% quality – 100% security


especially rich in mushroom-typical beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucanen, as well as fiber and triterpenes

Tinder sponge PURE comes with it 42% insoluble beta-glucans have a very high content compared to other mushrooms

rich in fiber

198,57 165,00  / 100 g

1 level teaspoon per day (1g) drink with enough water or juice. This consumption can also be used in smoothies, Mueslis and other dishes can be stirred in.
100% Organic tinder sponge (Pomes fomcntarius) powder
A daily dose (1g) contains 420mg bioactive beta-glucans typical of mushrooms. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. The specified consumption must not be exceeded.