Listen to your gut instinct

When the intestines are in balance, gut feeling is a good advisor.

The human intestine is our largest surface on the outside and, for various reasons, plays a central role in our wellbeing.

Gut health

We absorb our important nutrients and excrete harmful substances through the intestines. And not only that, it is the seat of a strong bulwark for the immune defense. The intestine has the so-called. the intestinal immune system and thus plays a central role in our immune system.

A community of effective microorganisms forms our intestinal flora or. the so-called. The microbiome. Doing so is amazing, how big the influence of these tiny ones actually is on our health and our lives.

The gut microbiome - a world of its own

Millions of bacteria form a community in our intestines. Our intestinal health also depends on them. They are effective "beneficial bacteria" with important tasks.

With ALL, what we eat or swallow, we influence the intestinal flora. Dietary fiber helps the "good", such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Fast food - which is low in fiber - brings the "less good" among the intestinal bacteria to the front. Medicines such as antibiotics can also have a negative effect on the bacteria in the intestines.

Product recommendation

Fiber, so-called. Prebiotics - the ideal food for the intestinal flora

Prebiotics are indigestible food components, which specifically stimulate the growth and activity of certain types of bacteria in the intestine. They are, so to speak, the food for the intestinal flora. Mushrooms are generally considered high in fiber; their mushroom-typical beta-glucans are a very valuable group of functional fibers.

Our organic tinder sponge has a very high fiber content

It is rich in beta-glucans that are typical of mushrooms (made from organic tinder sponge)


Effective microorganisms and prebiotics with typical mushroom beta-glucans form a strong team, that complement each other. The combination of the two is also known as synbiotics.

You can find more information about the tinder fungus here.