frequently asked Questions

In our FAQs we have your frequently asked questions about naturopathy with the tinder sponge, Skin care and nutritional supplements answered

What is evidence-based naturopathy?

Tinder sponge natural products has made it its business, old knowledge about traditionally used medicinal mushrooms with scientific research methods and biotechnological processes to the 21. Century adapt: Evidence-based naturopathy or “Naturopathy 2.0” could be said.

A team of scientists, Doctors and engineers are researching traditional medicinal mushrooms for this purpose. We want to decipher the active ingredients and their mechanisms of action, in order to be able to use them in the context of modern medicine - the active ingredients remain closed 100 Percent of course. We call this approach "evidence based Myco Science".

The entire Tinder Sponge range is free from genetic engineering, Animal testing and synthetic fragrance- and dyes. All products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, d.h. also for very sensitive skin. The packaging was limited to the bare essentials. The printed products were made with environmentally friendly printing inks, which to 100% consist of vegetable oil and created recyclable materials.

Only organic tinder sponges from sustainable German forestry are used for production (Mixed forests) used, in close cooperation with the Bavarian State Forests and the nature conservation authorities - all products from Zunderschwamm are closed 100 Prozent „Made in Germany“.

What is Glucaneo®?

Fascinated by traditional healing knowledge, Tinder sponge soda products have deciphered the healing mechanism of action of the tinder sponge using the latest scientific research methods and identified the decisive active ingredient complex.

Because simple tinder sponge extracts do not achieve the desired effect, special biotechnological extraction processes were developed. This enabled an optimized and highly concentrated natural active ingredient to be obtained: Glucaneo®, which is characterized by special wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties;

The impressive effects of Glucaneo® have been confirmed several times in scientific studies. Glucaneo® is suitable for the special requirements of medical cosmetics and represents the central component of our product range.

Together with other natural raw materials such as shea butter, Evening primrose oil and aloe vera will turn them into different ones, respectively, specially developed creams, Processed ointments and lotions.

For whom is the Amadou Repair ointment suitable??

For people with very dry and cracked skin, as well as basic care for neurodermatitis, Acne and psoriasis (psoriasis).

The Amadou Repair Ointment is even ideal as a wound protection for newborns and small children- or. Diaper cream.

The use to support normal wound healing for the care of everyday wounds has proven itself in practice. Glucaneo® is thus a natural alternative with a scientifically describable mode of action and proven effectiveness.