Protect your skin from drying out

You can find help here, how to get your skin problems under control quickly.


Itchy skin can have various causes: Often it occurs z. B. for very dry skin, with aging skin and exposure to the sun. But you can do something about it now. Our active ingredients from organic tinder sponge soothe the skin and reduce the perception of itching.

In addition, the moisture-regulating properties and high-quality vegetable oils protect the skin from drying out.

Background info

The causes of skin irritation are diverse - e. B.:

  • excessive hygiene
  • excessive UV exposure
  • Disposition
  • Alterungserscheinungen
  • underlying atopy and neurodermatitis

Beyond the sustainable regeneration and hydration of dry skin, It is important to tailor the care optimally to the needs of the irritated skin that are currently in the foreground.

Product recommendation

An advantage when using our creams: She moves in quickly, without leaving an unpleasant film on the skin.

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