Say war on psoriasis

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Psoriasis, also called psoriasis, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which usually appears through reddening and flaking.

In psoriasis, the skin is constantly stimulated to accelerate its renewal process. This cycle leads to typical skin changes with reddened and very flaky skin areas. Psoriasis can also affect the internal organs or joints. In addition to the genetic factors, various triggers or causes can also be considered, which can promote the development of psoriasis.

The name psoriasis comes from the Greek and is derived from the word "psora". "Psora" means something like itching. The name describes a very common symptom of the disease - itching.

Good care calms the skin and relieves itching, one makes a very good contribution to the management of psoriasis.

Product recommendation

Skin care for psoriasis depends on the condition of the skin

Psoriasis can lead to it, that the skin is too dry. Therefore, creams should be used in skin care, Lotions and ointments can be applied, which are moisturizing and care for the skin.

Are the plaques not quite as dry, Creams are often suitable for the care of the skin, because they are a little less fatty than ointments.

Ointments are mainly used for very dry and very flaky plaques. Moisturizing care products can also strengthen the skin's defenses and relieve itching.

Which care product to choose, depends on the condition of the skin.

The degree of inflammation and dryness plays a role here. Is the skin dry and flaky?, is the care with urea(Urea-) containing products like ours AMADOU With REPAIR CREAM makes sense. Urea can store moisture and contributes to it, that the horny cells peel off. The active ingredient Glucaneo® calms the skin noticeably and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

To soothe the skin and naturally support wound healing, offers ours AMADOU Med REPAIRSALBE an. It forms a fine protective film over the skin and the active ingredient Glucaneo® has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the skin in wound healing and regeneration.

Expert tips

Regular skin care should be taken both in symptom-free times and during an acute attack. Different products are suitable for this, depending on the region of the body and individual needs

People with psoriasis should be careful, that the care products are suitable for sensitive skin areas and do not contain any irritating ingredients. Above all, fragrances and perfumes should be avoided, so as not to additionally irritate the inflamed areas of the skin.