Dry and irritated skin

The skin needs moisture

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Dry and irritated skin

Maybe you know, when the skin dries out. This often leads to redness, Scaling, itch. The skin is easily irritated and sends out signs of inflammation. Often this is the starting point for a kind of vicious circle, because due to the irritated skin, scratching when itching, the skin barrier is easily damaged and the skin becomes even more sensitive. Regardless of the causes, the dryness increasingly damages the healthy skin barrier and leads to a further deterioration of the skin situation.

With the right care, you can soothe and regenerate dry and irritated skin in a targeted manner.

Background info

The causes of skin irritation are diverse - e. B.:

  • excessive hygiene
  • excessive UV exposure
  • Disposition
  • Alterungserscheinungen
  • underlying atopy and neurodermatitis

Beyond the sustainable regeneration and hydration of dry skin, It is important to tailor the care optimally to the needs of the irritated skin that are currently in the foreground.

Product recommendation

The products in our med Repair series renew the complexion and refine the pores of skin that tends to be too impure. They are therefore particularly well suited, about acne, Reduce pimples and blackheads.