Acne, Pimple, blackheads

Everyone has impure skin…

find here you help, How to quickly get your skin problems under control again.

Impure skin and acne

Unfortunately, skin blemishes are simply a part of puberty for many teenagers. But even after puberty, skin blemishes or so-called blemishes can occur. Late acne come.

It is often the sebum glands in the skin, who are more active. Clogging of the sebaceous glands, blackheads form (so-called. Comedomen). Greasy, shiny skin areas, large pores, inflammatory pimples, Redness and swelling are noticeable signs.

Daily skin care with suitable cosmetics can calm the affected skin areas and gradually improve the complexion.

Our active ingredients from the organic tinder fungus, v.a. our Glucaneo® soothe the skin and support the skin's local immune system.

Background info

How do pimples form?

Cannot drain excess sebum, Bacteria can easily settle and inflammatory foci develop. But also injuries from crushing, frequent washing or strong degreasing cleaning products destroy the natural skin barrier and thus promote cornification and further sebum accumulation. As a result, blackheads develop (Comedones). For open comedones – recognizable by a black dot at the top – the excessively formed sebum can be easily emptied to the outside. On the other hand, with the closed ones (white) Comedones of the sebaceous duct narrowed and clogged, so that the sebum is retained and inflammation of the surrounding tissue occurs. Nodules of different sizes and pustules form easily.

Product recommendation

The products in our med Repair series renew the complexion and refine the pores of skin that tends to be too impure. They are therefore particularly well suited, about acne, Reduce pimples and blackheads.

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