Research goal: evidenzbasierte Mykoscience

brings old knowledge about traditionally used medicinal mushrooms, especially the tinder fungus, with the latest scientific research methods and biotechnological processes 21. Century together.

The platform for innovations made from tinder fungus: Glucaneo®

With the help of biotechnological processes, we isolate tinder fungus from the medicinal mushroom (years. fuel fomcntarius) something very amazing: superfeine, large molecular weight and bioactive beta-glucan, which we adapt specifically to the requirements in the fields of medical cosmetics with the help of our know-how.

Glucaneo 900


  • Hautirritation
  • inflammation
  • itching
  • Basic care for skin diseases

Glucaneo 900

  • Supports normal skin regeneration
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Soothing itching
  • antioxidative
  • bioactive

Glucaneo 400

Anti-Pollution / Photo-Aging

  • Regeneration of the skin
  • Protection against harmful environmental influences

Glucaneo 400

  • antioxidative
  • significant reduction in redness
  • Lightening of (Alters-)stains
  • UV-Filter

Glucaneo 100

Anti Aging, Beauty care

Glucaneo 100

  • Improved elasticity
  • visible reduction of wrinkles
  • Moisturizing effects
  • Reduction of (Alters-)stains

The revolution in psoriasis care, Eczema, Acne and inflammatory skin

The effects of Glucaneo are based on the power of medicinal mushrooms, their potential for the cosmetic care of problem skin is increasingly recognized and for people with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, Acne and blemished skin are made accessible. With our research results, we support the process of becoming known and continuously develop our ingredients.

Our research projects

Effects of beta-glucans from tinder sponge on parameters of wound healing (in vitro)
positively concluded

Inhibition of pro-inflammatory mediators -50% (in vitro)
positively concluded

Anti-oxidative potential (ORAC value) of beta-glucans from tinder fungus (in vitro)
positively concluded

UV protection (A/B) of beta-glucans from tinder fungus (in vitro)
positively concluded

Scientific partners

Seldom has anyone changed the world on their own. That is why we rely on strong partnerships with renowned research institutions, in order to be able to fall back on a concentrated wealth of knowledge about mushrooms.

Biotesys GmbH

Innoplexus AG