natural ingredient with history

Supporting mechanism and decisive mushroom-typical 1,3/1,6 Beta-D-Glucan Komplex

Fascinated by traditional knowledge, Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH has deciphered the mechanism of the tinder fungus using the latest scientific research methods and identified the decisive ingredients.

special biotechnological extraction processes

Because simple sponge tinder extracts do not achieve the desired standardizability, special biotechnological extraction processes were developed. This made it possible to obtain an optimized and highly concentrated natural ingredient:

Glucaneo®, which is characterized by special skin care properties.

The impressive effects of Glucaneo® have been confirmed several times in scientific studies. Glucaneo® is suitable for the special requirements of medical cosmetics and represents the central component of our AMADOU product range.

Further processing

Together with other natural raw materials such as shea butter, Evening primrose oil and aloe vera will turn them into different ones, respectively, specially developed creams, Processed ointments and lotions.

The tinder sponge

a very special helper for your health

Cross section Fomes fomentarius - Origin of the natural active ingredient Glucaneo®

The tinder sponge, also known as Amadou or scientifically Fomes fomentarius, is a tree fungus, which is native to large parts of the world; in Europe it grows mainly on birches and beeches. The fungal network of the tinder sponge penetrates the tree and decomposes it from the inside. This is a vital process for the forest ecosystem, since the tinder fungus is primarily dying, but also decomposes weakened trees. This creates space for new trees and the nutrients contained in the wood get back into the soil.

The tinder sponge, a fungus that grows on deciduous trees, has been used on wounds since ancient times. It has been proven that the father of modern medicine had used it, Hippocrates of Kos, the tinder sponge already before approx. 2.400 Years, by beginning to insert the outer tinder rags and powder of the tree fungus. Because of these uses, the tinder sponge was also given the synonyms wound- or surgeon sponge. To the 20. Century, so-called tinder sponge editions. Tinder rags sold in pharmacies as wound dressings. Tinder sponge was used in food as an oral powder, as a tea infusion or as an ingredient in spirits. Also known is the so-called. Fomitin, an alcoholic extract from Fomes fomentarius, which was available in pharmacies as a tonic for smooth muscle cramps.

During the 19. In the 20th century, the availability of the naturally growing tinder sponge decreased dramatically, because of increasing deforestation and subsequent reforestation with rapidly growing conifer monocultures, its livelihood was increasingly withdrawn. In addition, the spread of patentable synthetic drugs - including ointments - increased rapidly, from the 20. Century were more durable than before. Overall, the tinder fungus gradually fell into oblivion as a result of these developments.

The name Zunderschwamm the mushroom owes our ancestors, that already before 10.000 Years ago, so-called tinder or amadou were extracted from the outer layers, with which they could start a fire. The best-known tinder fungus find is certainly the glacier mummy Ötzi, who had tinder from tinder sponge with him. There is evidence that Ötzi started a fire with the tinder.

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