The mark(n)

Amadou tinder sponge and tinder sponge natural products

We are happy, Our high-quality tinder sponge products in a partly new design and with an expanded one, to be able to present an informative and customer-friendly website.

For the manufacture of our products we only use organic tinder sponges from sustainable German forestry (Commercial forests). In a cooperation u.a. Together with the Bavarian State Forests and the nature conservation authorities, we harvest the valuable tinder sponges ourselves.

This means that we have the quality of our products in our hands right from the start and our tinder fungus products are really too 100% „Made in Germany“.

What's new?

Instead of the Zunderschwamm brand for all of our products, we present ours to you Cosmeticlines under a new brand name: AMADOU.

We derived this charming name from the French word AMADOU for the tinder, derived from the tinder sponge. Our range of care products, which presents itself externally in a new guise, remains unchanged for you in terms of content and, as usual, stands for natural and effective care.

Exciting insider knowledge: Amadou is a common first name, especially in West Africa. The first name Amadou is derived from Ahmed.