Tinder fungus harvest – quality, Sustainability and safety right from the start!

Tinder fungus harvest – in cooperation with the Bavarian State Forests AöR and private forest owners

The Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH, in cooperation with the Bavarian State Forests AöR and the nature conservation authorities, has developed a globally unique concept for the harvest and use of the tinder fungus.

The guidelines are the world's first precisely defined guidelines for the sustainable use of the tinder sponge and go far beyond the requirements for organic products. It is harvested exclusively in commercial forests, that are regularly used for forestry purposes. Harvest areas and harvest quantities are determined in advance and each tree, where we harvest the treasure on our doorstep, is precisely mapped.

Mindfulness, Species protection, Diversity and Sustainability

Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH voluntarily submits to these stricter guidelines, thus secures biodiversity and habitats and can thus guarantee an ecologically sustainable extraction of the tinder fungus raw materials.

Monitoring and traceability ensure security

The Bavarian State Forests and private forest owners have designated regional harvesting areas for us and laid out extra dead wood as a substrate for the maintenance and breeding of the tinder fungus. The harvest areas are precisely mapped using GPS technology. Pictures of the harvested trees are taken before and after the harvest. We harvest a maximum of each year 50% the existing fruiting bodies, and thus ensure the preservation of a sufficient amount of fruit bodies in the forest, as well as sufficient regrowth of fruit bodies for sustainable use.

Nature reserves remain untouched

The Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive (Habitats Directive, from the 21. May 1992, 92/43/EWG) and the Birds Directive (from the 2. April 1979, 79/409/EWG). Species and habitat types are named in these guidelines, which are particularly worth protecting and for which a network of protected areas is to be established.

FHH areas are to be under the umbrella of “NATURA 2000 Project “on Europe-wide protection zones for the preservation of the animals native to Europe, Plants and mushrooms are built. By using the specially designated so-called. FFH areas for the protection of animals, Do not use plants and mushrooms as harvesting areas, we guarantee the preservation of the protection zones and make a contribution to biodiversity and species protection.

We would like to thank the Bavarian State Forests for their commitment and support of this worldwide unique project. Our special thanks go to Mr. Fritz Maier, Managing Director Bayerische Staatsforsten Forstbetrieb Nordhalben, and his deputy Mr. gerhard Müller, who, as advocates, significantly promoted the project and laid the groundwork for the cooperation. More information about your work at: http://www.baysf.de/de/ueber uns / standorte / forstbetriebe / nordhalben.html