Tinder Sponge Natural Products GmbH – Keynote speaker at global conference for sustainability and innovation

we, the Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH, were part of the broadcast live worldwide Kind Earth Tech Virtual Events!


At the world's leading scientific- and innovation network of Kind Earth Tech it is about sustainable solutions for the most pressing problems such as climate change, Hunger, to research and develop new bio-based materials. Leading scientists become, Developers and companies brought together, to work together on sustainable solutions to the current problems.

The reason for the invitation was our innovative and trend-setting concept and our unique know-how regarding the use of medicinal mushrooms. Precisely because our consistent commitment to a verifiably sustainable harvest, as well as our clear focus on scientific analysis and evidence-based verification methods, are trend-setting in the field of mushrooms, we were invited.

Daniel was even invited as a keynote speaker at the event and spoke about our unique approach.

He touched on some of our studies, which we carried out together with dermatologists, such as. our latest study on optimal skin care with tinder fungus for work-related skin problems. (There will be a separate post on this exciting project soon)

He also presented our 360° sustainability approach for harvesting and processing.

The 360° approach feeds on thinking in cycles, but also stands for it, that we are completely comprehensive in all our actions -eben 360°- examine and evaluate.

We are guided by the Cradle to Cradle approach of Prof. Dr. Inspire Braunart.

Effectiveness before efficiency

For us, an essential leitmotif of his work is not just the approach “efficient” to operate as possible, but like this “efficient” to be as possible.

We want not just use as few resources as possible, but we want with our actions make an effective contribution to improving the status quo.

A good example of this is our harvest cooperation. Together with our partners, we create so-called. “Deadwood Islands” in the forest. Through these islands of dead wood, which should actually be called islands of life, we create new habitats in the forest and thus contribute to a significantly higher biodiversity in the forest. In addition, other effects such as humus build-up etc. develop through our deadwood islands..

That we investigate these ecologically effective facts scientifically, goes without saying -360° approach as well-.


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