Tinder sponge and artificial intelligence

Tinder sponge and artificial intelligence

Research cooperation between Innoplexus AG and Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte GmbH


What does the medicinal mushroom tinder sponge, which has been used for thousands of years, have to do with artificial intelligence??

In the future, more than you think!

The tinder sponge (Pomes fomcntarius) is an old friend and constant companion for us humans. You probably know the saying "burns like tinder". It is derived from the use of the tinder sponge as an aid to making a fire. Probably less well known are the medicinal uses of the tinder sponge, e.g.. as wound dressings, which also earned him the synonymous terms wound sponge or Fomes chirurgorum.

The use as a tinder sponge tea or an ingredient for alcoholic extracts such as fomitin has also been handed down.

Building on this traditional knowledge, do we have 2015, so right from the start, started our research on the tinder fungus. In several studies we have e.g.. investigated the potential of the tinder fungus on human skin cell tissues or on volunteer test persons.

Our research results clearly show very promising results, health-relevant potentials for the tinder sponge. In particular, the mushroom-typical beta-glucans and the terpene fractions make this medicinal mushroom so remarkable.

Building on our results, we will continue to invest in research.

Worldwide unique cooperation in medicinal mushroom research

In order to further research the health and future medical potential of the ingredients of medicinal mushrooms, we have entered into a research cooperation with Innoplexus AG.

The German Innoplexus AG is now also referred to in the press as the “Google of the pharmaceutical industry”. Innoplexus is a leading global provider of AI technology solutions for the life science sector with over 250 Employees. Innoplexus already has more than 100 Patent applications, of what already 32 Patents have been granted, v.a. in the field of AI applications for pharmaceutical research. The various solutions from Innoplexus support all steps in pharmaceutical research and development, and are used by numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In the year 2020 Innoplexus also made its leading Ontosight® AI search platform available to all medical research institutions relevant for Covid-19 / SARS-Cov-2, to support the global research effort.

Together with the Innoplexus AG we will continue to research the biochemical mechanisms for the effects of the ingredients from the medicinal mushroom tinder fungus. With this we are laying an important foundation stone for the targeted development of medical applications of the tinder fungus.


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