Tinder sponge powder is not just tinder sponge powder

Tinder sponge powder is not just tinder sponge powder. There are big differences in terms of origin, quality, Taste and surface size. Here are the characteristics of our PURE tinder sponge, so that you know, what you should pay attention to when buying consciously:

+ origin 100% Germany (from harvest to bottling)
+ Nachhaltige Ernte ​
+ Specially purified
+ Higher beta-glucan content (that. 42%)
+ Größere spezifische Bindungs-Oberfläche ​
+ Bessere Löslichkeit und „Anhaftverhalten“ ​
+ tasteless = no bitter aftertaste

We harvest our tinder fungus according to our sustainable and transparent harvest concept in the Franconian Forest. Thanks to our particularly gentle processing, our PURE tinder sponge has a very large surface, as you look at the volume in picture 1 can recognize. This also increases the floating behavior and the powder settles – stirred into a drink – does not decrease as quickly as conventional powders. Our PURE is also impressive in terms of taste: It is tasteless and has a slight mushroom taste, whereas conventional sponge tinder powders often taste bitter.

So it's worth it, don't just pay attention to the price, but also to judge according to the above criteria.

Well got it! 😉